On the 14th February, Toothless’ dad brought him in for a consulation as he was struggling to go to the toilet – this is not a good sign in male cats as it points to a blocked bladder which can be fatal if untreated.

He came in for his exam, he wasn’t very happy (understandably) and wouldn’t let our vet examine him, so we had to sedate him to be able to examine him. The vet found that his bladder was blocked so we spoke to the owner who gave us the go ahead to treat him.

Treatment for this is to insert a urinary catheter and put the cat onto intravenous fluids, usually for at least 2-3 days.

Unfortunately, his urinary catheter kept blocking up, but by day 3 he was obviously feeling a bit better as he was giving us his consent to pat him and handle him more.

By the 17th, he was eating nicely and we were able to remove his urinary catheter.

Unfortunately, the next day when we were closed, he headed to after hours and had his bladder manually expressed as he wasn’t going on his own.

He came back to us for the next few days to get his bladder checked/expressed.

As he was not really getting much better, our vets decided he would be a good candidate for a Perineal urethrostomy surgery (basically gender re-assignment!) – due to staff illness here, this was done at Hornby Vets.

The surgery went all to plan, and he came back to us here for follow up visits.

Today 11/3/24 he came in for his (hopefully) final check and was able to remove his e-collar!

We are so glad he is feeling better!!