Pet of the Month

Blaine came in to the clinic because his owner was worried he was constipated and had some bloating after eating. On exam DB felt his abdomen and noticed it was quite solid so we whipped him straight into the X-ray room to see what was going on. The X-ray showed a very large mass mid abdomen, we confirmed it with an ultra-sound scan as a splenic tumour.

With much shock to us, and the owners we decided we needed to get that tumour out as soon as possible! So with consent to go ahead we started preparing him for surgery. The tumour was a whopping 4kgs, which is about the size of a soccer ball! He recovered really well from his surgery and bounced back to his happy-go-lucky self, we were all very glad!

We chose Blaine to be our ‘pet of the month’ because of his bravery throughout this roller-coaster few months and how he has a gorgeous smile and wagging tail no matter what life throws at him. From an SPCA pup, so timid and frightened of the world, to a much loved dog, happy, healthy and full of confidence!