Christmas is an eventful time for both us and our pets. However new visitors, noises and smells can sometimes cause anxiety for your pet!

Keep your pet healthy and happy during the festive season with our Christmas tips:

  • Create a calm, quiet spot for your pet away from the noise.
  • Exercise your pet before any guests arrive.
  • Keep Christmas flowers and plants out of your pet's reach. Some are toxic to your pets.
  • Quickly clean up any bows, plastic and ribbons, so there's no chance of them being swallowed.
  • Many sweet treats are toxic to pets and can even be fatal. Make sure to keep the below out of your pet’s reach:
    • Chocolate,
    • Christmas pudding,
    • Currants,
    • Grapes,
    • Lollies,
    • Raisins,
    • and sugar-free sweet products.

If you want more tips on how to help your pet during the Christmas period, call us today.